What are the benefits of buying a MacVidCards flashed card?


You may question why you should install a MacVidCards flashed graphics card with a Mac BIOS as opposed to an official Apple released card or a stock PC graphics card. Here are a few of the benefits:


1. You can use the latest and greatest graphics cards on the market with Metal support instead of older official Apple cards. Modern cards are not only performing multiple times faster but also take less power. Only MacVidCards flashed cards gives the possibility to run the latest AMD Radeon RX6000 and Radeon Pro W6000 series in a classic Mac Pro. Standard PC cards won't even boot despite driver support in macOS or Windows and there is no way to overcome this via any software method.

2. It enables gray boot screen with Apple logo on startup as well as boot selector where you can select which OS do you want to boot (also on 4K displays). There is no need to use any tweaks or patchers as it always work even with no hardrive installed.

3. It allows to start macOS from Recovery partition in order to perform tasks like macOS recovery from Time Capsule or other backup devices, disabling SIP (System Integrity Protection), reinstalling macOS, fixing disk errors using Disk Utility etc.

4. It enables full PCI-Express 2.0 (5,0 GT/s) bandwidth both under macOS and Windows. Standard unflashed PC cards run the outdated PCI-Express 1.1 (2,5 GT/s) standard unless you use Mac Pro 5,1 with latest bootrom version.

5. It allows to boot into macOS even with no macOS driver installed which is very important for NVIDIA cards requiring NVIDIA drivers for proper operation. Since every new macOS release or security update requires a new driver, with a standard unflashed PC card you would have to remount the original Apple card in order to install the NVIDIA driver and then remount the unflashed PC card again. This also allows Kepler based NVIDIA cards to boot into macOS Monterey and install GeForce Kepler patcher so they operate normally just like on previous versions of macOS.

6. It allows to install Windows from boot picker screen even when there is no macOS drive installed or BootCamp assistant isn't working.

7. It allows to install Windows in UEFI mode which is the most current way to boot Windows. It's faster, it's much more secure and allows you to boot from partitions larger than 2.2 TB.

8. It enables suspend and resume under Windows in UEFI mode.

9. It fixes non-existing 640x480 secondary display issue where some software start minimized and cannot be maximized or their new dialog windows aren't showing.

10. It allows to easily upgrade Mac Pro bootrom with progress bar on the screen.

11. If your old card fails it allows to boot unsupported system without acceleration and perform update to the latest supported system.

12. It allows to set proper NVRAM variables for macOS Big Sur/Monterey on boot picker.