VAT Reclaim

Our company is VAT registered in Poland under PL7822306042 number.


We are also registered in VAT One-Stop Shop (OSS). This means all private customers living in the UE will be billed with the same VAT rate as in their own country:


Country VAT Rate (%)
Austria (AT) 20
Belgium (BE) 21
Bulgaria (BG) 20
Croatia (HR) 25
Cyprus (CY) 19
Czech Republic (CZ) 21
Denmark (DK) 25
Estonia (EE) 20
Finland (FI) 24
France (FR) 20
Germany (DE) 19
Greece (GR) 24
Hungary (HU) 27
Ireland (IE) 23
Italy (IT) 22
Latvia (LV) 21
Lithuania (LT) 21
Luxembourg (LU) 16
Malta (MT) 18
Netherlands (NL) 21
Poland (PL) 23
Portugal (PT) 23
Romania (RO) 19
Slovakia (SK) 20
Slovenia (SI) 22
Spain (ES) 21
Sweden (SE) 25
United Kingdom (GB) 20 (billed on arrival)


If you are a commercial user and have a valid VAT-UE number or live outside European Union we can deduct Polish VAT 23% from the total price on all new and used items which have VAT included on them.


On used items sold under VAT-margin scheme VAT deduction is not possible.


Please send us your valid VAT-UE number to and an item you are interested in, and we will reply with a special 0% VAT invoice. It can be paid either via transfer to our bank account or to our PayPal account


You can verify your VAT-UE number on the following website: