Is there a support for Windows in UEFI mode?


Yes, you can install Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 in UEFI mode by choosing EFI boot in boot picker menu.


Windows 11 is also supported if you create a special patched USB stick.


Just press Option key (on Mac keyboard) or ALT key (on Windows keyboard) on boot to see all bootable partitions.


Make sure that your Windows disk/partition is formatted in GPT format, because installation on MBR partitions is not possible in UEFI mode.

EFI boot icon



After a successful Windows installation you can use Bridgadier tool to download all necessary Apple BootCamp drivers. Download and run brigadier.exe:


For Windows 10 you need to use a following command in command prompt to get the latest drivers.


Press Command + R or Windows logo + R then type cmd to run Command prompt.


Then type:


brigadier.exe -m iMacPro1,1


to download drivers package.


We recommend installing 7-Zip before installation of this tool: which is needed by bridgadier tool to unpack all the files.

Brigadier.exe tool



Finally run Apple BootCamp drivers installer by runnning a follwing commands in the terminal:


cd BootCamp-(press TAB)\BootCamp\Drivers\Apple


msiexec /i BootCamp.msi

Boot Camp installer



Check if Windows is really installed in UEFI mode by pressing Command key + R (on Mac keyboard) or Windows logo key + R (on Windows keyboard).  Type msinfo32 in the Open: field and press OK button. BIOS mode should show UEFI. Otherwise there will be Legacy in this line.

UEFI mode